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30 xr price reviews for buying tramadol online Title Software PJTKI / PPTKIS - Oase Teknologi Nusantara ~ Oase Teknologi Nusantara


Kebutuhan Perusahaan Jasa Tenaga Kerja Indonesia dengan wilayah kerja yang luas mengingat pertumbuhan CTKI yang kian meningkat tentu saja harus memiliki infrastruktur yang menunjang dan memudahkan pertukaran informasi secara cepat untuk mempermudah pelayanan kepada masyarakat.

Dengan konsep digital marketing dari Sistem Informasi PJTKI yang terintegrasi dapat menarik setiap agency dinegara tujuan untuk dapat melihat biodata calon TKI secara online. Memudahkan promosi sehingga calon TKI dapat memperoleh pekerjaan yang sesuai serta memberikan fasilitas pendaftaran kepada calon TKI untuk mendaftar ke PJTKI secara online.

Dengan Sistem Informasi PJTKI ini proses setiap tahapan untuk seleksi dari pendaftaran, medical, asrama, marketingpelatihan, penempatan dan penerbangan hingga terminasi dapat dimonitor dan diketahui secara real time dalam bentuk laporan yang tertata rapi, mudah dan cepat disediakan oleh sistem, baik yang dibutuhkan oleh internal perusahaan, pimpinan eksekutif ataupun format standar birokrasi pemerintah. Mengelola bisnis secara otomatis, mendukung dan memberikan nilai lebih bagi PJTKI untuk mendapatkan sertifikasi ISO 90001.

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  1. Seleksi & Penempatan CTKI
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    pandora rings Post a four goal cushion. Keith Merluzzo (Billerica, Mass.) ended the Pioneers five goal run with an unassisted goal for the Penmen at 4:52. [url=]pandora bracelets[/url] Post an 8 4 lead.. Our study suggests that cognitive decline is also an important issue. It appears that relocation to a temporary shelter after a disaster may have the unintended effect of separating people not just from their homes but from their neighbors and both may speed up cognitive decline among vulnerable people. Researchers, working with colleagues in Japan, were able to conduct a natural experiment among a group of elderly residents of the coastal city of Iwanuma, located about 80 kilometers west of the earthquake epicenter, where nearly half the land area was inundated by the tsunami pandora rings.

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    pandora charms Brent Hayes Edwards, a professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, who has writen extensively on jazz, the African diaspora, Francophone literature, 20th century cultural politics in Paris, surrealism, and more. One of his most noted books, The Practice of Diaspora: Literature, Translation, and the Rise of Black Internationalism, was awarded the John Hope Franklin Prize of the American Studies Association and the Gilbert Chinard prize of the Society for French [url=]pandora jewellery[/url] Historical Studies. Edwards currently co edits the journal Social Text and is working on two books.. pandora charms

    pandora rings You may need to do this for many days until your child understands what the schedule includes. Prompting will likely include verbal descriptions of each step of the process and physically walking with your child around the house as he needs to in order to move from one task to the next on the schedule (such as going from brushing his teeth in the bathroom to getting a book to read).3. FADE PROMPTINGOnce your child gets a feel for what he should be doing in his routine, reduce the amount of prompting you provide by talking less and being a little more physically distant from your child as he performs each part of the schedule.4. pandora rings

    pandora bracelets If you need jewelry in this area, there are many quality options to choose from. If you are looking for a specific collection, one of the larger, well known stores would probably have it for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for that homemade touch and feel, you can shop at Jladycreations. pandora bracelets

    pandora necklaces That gave me courage, and I went and took a picture and tweeted with that quote. At this point, he no longer considers himself a Hasidic Jew. Don really know if I would consider myself anything in particular, he told Time. No, I don mean calling your ex and their attorney names. I mean calling yourself positive, uplifting names. You can read more about it in an article I wrote for Your Tango,Want to Get Over Your Divorce? Start Name Calling.. pandora necklaces

    pandora jewelry We’re all absolutely thrilled. The whole core people involved we work like a brilliant team and a family. We love our product. Uli Fahl is the messiah of light bikes: His company, Tune, makes some of the most amazing bike parts you find on this blue marble. A close inspection will reveal that many of them are monuments to simplicity and ingenuity, but it their lightness that is truly stunning. Carbon fiber levers, an aluminum front axle, titanium rear axle, and ultra minimalist design help this set of quick release skewers weigh just 33 grams pandora jewelry.

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    pandora earrings 5. Be Patient. Finding good friends requires being a good friend first. Fill out information a. In Requests/Info add: car info: Year Make Model Class Team/club (if any) 8. Press “Preview your order” 9. Thomas W. Sandoz III:I don’t understand what the downsides of Obamacare are. As I understand, it will reduce medical costs and make healthcare more affordable for all. pandora earrings

    pandora jewellery Hello. The issue that I am having is that when I look into a mirror it looks like my face is too small compared to my body, but when I take pictures of myself or shoot a video of myself my face doesn’t look as small, it actually looks slightly bigger I guess. I don’t understand it, I just hate putting clothes on and then seeing myself in the mirror because the mirror makes me look like I have a small short face. pandora jewellery

    pandora rings For the last couple years, I have had been experiencing behavior that concerns me. It hard for me to explain, but I get delusional theories in my head. I start obsessing over coverups and conspiracies, it gotten so bad that I start believing that the government is using the TV and the radio to brainwash me, and that they are poising my water supply, so now I only want to drink bottled water, or water I have personally purified. pandora rings

    pandora bracelets ConclusionsWe have found lower risks of hyperglycaemia among patients prescribed dual therapy involving metformin with either gliptins or glitazones compared with metformin alone. Compared with metformin monotherapy, triple therapy with metformin, sulphonylureas, and either gliptins or glitazones was associated with an increased risk of hypoglycaemia, which was similar to the risk for dual therapy with metformin and sulphonylureas. Compared with metformin monotherapy, triple therapy with metformin, sulphonylureas, and glitazones was associated with a reduced risk of blindness. pandora bracelets

    pandora jewelry The argument that persons from one State cannot be appointed as judges of another is not based on sound facts. Krishnamani (hailing from Tamil Nadu) [url=]pandora jewelry[/url] was denied judgeship of the Delhi High Court. Actually it was R. WEP isn’t that secure anymore, so only use that if you don’t plan to use the connection for anything secure or if you have to be able to connect older hardware that doesn’t support WPA.After choosing the level of encryption, you need to get your key. I suggest that you just hit the randomize key and get a random encryption key. It might seem like a better idea to come up with a 13 character passphrase (if your security level offers that option), but it isn’t exactly hard to look up your WEP key if you need it again pandora jewelry.

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    pandora jewelry Results The adjusted odds ratio for exposure to three doses of HPV vaccine compared with no vaccine was 0.54 (95% confidence interval 0.43 to 0.67) for high grade cases and 0.66 (0.62 to 0.70) for other cases compared with controls with normal cytology, equating to vaccine effectiveness of 46% and 34%, respectively. The adjusted numbers needed to vaccinate were 125 (95% confidence interval 97 to 174) and 22 (19 to 25), respectively. Phase III studies have shown that both the quadrivalent vaccine, targeted against HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18, and the bivalent vaccine, targeted against types 16 and 18, prevent cervical lesions associated with the respective HPV types.1 2 3 4 Some cross protection against other HPV types has also been shown.5 6 7 The quadrivalent vaccine also prevents high [url=]pandora jewellery[/url] grade vulval and vaginal lesions and genital warts in women, as well as genital warts and high grade anal disease in men.1 2 Efficacy against cervical abnormalities was greatest in the population of women who tested negative for the relevant vaccine HPV types at enrolment, as the vaccine does not seem to impact on the clinical course of existing infections. pandora jewelry

    pandora rings I never seen anything like it before. This bodes well for the upcoming draft. Though it is still months away, the world junior can leave a lasting impression on a scout mind especially when the opponent is Canada.. This situation has changed somewhat since Asperger syndrome was made in DSM IV (APA, 1994), following a large international field trial involving over a thousand children and adolescents with autism and related disorders (Volkmar et al., 1994). The field trials revealed some evidence justifying the inclusion of Asperger syndrome as a diagnostic category different from autism, under the overarching class of Pervasive Developmental Disorders. More importantly, it established a consensual definition for the disorder which should serve as the frame of reference for all those using the diagnosis. pandora rings

    pandora necklaces Rand Paul (53), South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (43), or even former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (25). It was a long journey for Arakkal, the rebellious son of a royal family of Kannur in Malabar who fled to Bengaluru working at many menial jobs before he found himself a place at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). While he was welding pieces of metal together, he was also forging his place as an artist in the heady atmosphere of the city of endless delights that was Bengaluru in its heyday. Even before he had finished his apprenticeship as an artist at the Chitrakala Parishath College at Bengaluru and a stint at Garhi studios, Delhi as a print maker, Arakkal was holding the first of his many one man shows, attending every artist camp to which he was invited and making a place for himself in the tumult of the artist’s world pandora necklaces.

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    pandora jewellery Oh, and while we’re at it, how gorgeous is Freddie’s wifey? And Baz’ Gavin? Loved meeting them all. Although we could have done with a bit less of the suckey face, hey Freddie? Although, who could blame him. It’s been weeks, and she’s smoking hot.While we could have watched little Leo all night, there was a King to be crowned, and things had to be moved along to make way for that part of the show where really obnoxious rich people crush poor, unfortunate people’s dreams. pandora jewellery

    pandora bracelets A number of [url=]pandora rings[/url] our commenters wrote about being denied entry to Bar Louie for wearing flat brimmed hats, though white men wearing the same style of hats were seated a few steps away. The accounts are reminiscent of a story from 2009, when a group of six Washington University students were denied entry to The Original Mother’s during a class trip to Chicago. Their sin: wearing excessively baggy pants.. pandora bracelets

    pandora earrings ‘Do you want to end up in jail?’ And then they both became very aggressive, searching in my pockets, turning me around and pushing me and forcing my legs open and yanking me. So at that moment I became frightened, definitely frightened. Frightened and confused.”. pandora earrings

    pandora necklaces That’s the jist of what’s going on in my head (there are other thoughts that I have but it’s hard to explain or go into). So I just really want to know, if this is normal (I keep thinking it’s maybe PMS or just pubertyand I’m just making a mental illness the scapegoat) or I should talk to someone about it. I hope what I wrote makes sense Feel like they’re all over the place.. pandora necklaces

    pandora jewelry Wolves are also very freedom loving animals. That s why wolf tattoo designs are always associated with freedom. They emphasize that freedom is the most important value for their owners and that as well as wolves don t afraid to fight for it. After attaining tropical storm status on July 1, Arthur gained strength and became a hurricane on July 3 off the coast of South Carolina. It continued northeast finally reaching Nova Scotia on July 4 as a post tropical storm. The storm moved northeastward to the Fundy coast and then to Prince Edward Island. pandora jewelry

    pandora charms Gaston also felt lucky being able to cast The Cameraman, notable for its naturalism, from the local talent pool. He found newcomer Hupp in Nanoose Bay. “I didn’t have to work with him very much,” Gaston said. They light up look at it,” she said, gesturing at a chuckling resident. While the seniors sometimes listen to music on their own, she said, some have trouble accessing it. “Music gets passed down generationally pandora charms.

    adhd meds often prescribed to youngest kids in class

    pandora jewelry Filmco said yesterday: “Michael Lowry and Minister Phil Hogan acted in absolute good faith as did a number of political figures we met with previously, including former minister for the environment John Gormley. As far as we are concerned, there was no impropriety, we had the meeting, we set out our case. Mr Lowry arrived with us, he left with us and was with us for the entire process. pandora jewelry

    pandora bracelets It monitors and restricts any and all threats from harming your computer throughout the day, although it does take quite a bit of your computer’s resources up.Even if your computer runs a little slower with Norton, it’s worth it as Trend’s real time protection just isn’t up to scruff. It’s inconsistent, allowing some virus and Malware to pass through its defenses and preventing others. Norton automatically protects from such threats so long as it’s enabled and the updates that allow it to acknowledge threats usually take less than five minutes. pandora bracelets

    pandora necklaces Shows that people who are in control are willing to allow incredibly extreme bills to advance in this new leadership, she said. Iowans should be concerned about that. Drafted a similar measure that was briefly discussed in 2013 and 2014. The secondary outcomes related to chronic pain were the incidence of chronic pain following surgery and the incidence of adhesions in patients evaluated for chronic pain. Five stars is considered high quality, three to four stars is considered intermediate quality, and one to two stars is considered low quality. We assessed publication bias of included studies with funnel plots.. pandora necklaces

    pandora essence Building improvements can also cover a large range [url=]pandora bracelets[/url] depending on the amount of reconstruction. Starting at near $16,000 these costs can double. Smaller scale leasehold improvements, or remodeling of an existing restaurant will keep the cost on the lower end. pandora essence

    pandora earrings For data on gait, we used a symmetry index to describe the difference between injured and non injured feet. This was calculated as the difference in a metric divided by the mean of that metric for both sides.31 A value of 0% indicated no imbalance (complete symmetry) and a negative value indicated that the metric was smaller for the injured foot than for the non injured (control) foot.ResultsOverall, 2006 patients presented to the collaborating centres with calcaneal fractures. Of these, 502 had severe fractures that met the eligibility criteria (fig 1). pandora earrings

    pandora jewellery The NHS’s multifarious patient information leaflets are inaccurate, inconsistent, and confusing, finds Margaret McCartney, and effort is duplicated because each trust commissions its own, often from the private sectorThe so called patient revolution is nothing without quality information. And so the NHS is awash with patient information, especially leaflets, in hospital wards, outpatient clinics, and general practitioners’ surgeries. Some trusts commission leaflets from external, profit making companies; others write their own pandora jewellery.

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    pandora charms Rep for Lohan responded to the Trump tape by saying, now, Lindsay is choosing to focus on the positive things happening in her life and has decided to disregard the comments made about her by presidential nominee Donald Trump. She is focusing on helping children around the world in need and that where her passion is. BELOW:Lindsay Lohan Abusive Relationship. pandora charms

    pandora jewelry Another juncture point was the second Regular Guys roast in October, 2012. Was awful, he recalled. Had people there roasting us who I think never [url=]pandora jewelry[/url] heard the show. The ground floor and the contiguous houses of the paatashala are occupied by Venkatesh avadhaani (avadhaani is a family title for a very learned person ) and his brother Kesav avadhaani. These two brothers come from a family of Sanskrit scholars and they are engaged in the research of Vedas and rituals. They collect old Sanskrit palm leaves, expand them on the computer and rewrite the damaged letters. pandora jewelry

    pandora earrings Now that I have kids of my own I see the wisdom of the colors When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I did yellow as her color with ducks. Pink was splashed in as she aged only b/c I got tired of people asking if she was a girl or boy and now she loves both colors. My son got the red and blue with the sports theme. pandora earrings

    pandora bracelets At Power Line, John Hinderaker went full Real Racist on Clinton. “Her boss, Barack Obama, deliberately fomented racial conflict for the purpose of political gain,” he claimed. For example, “Obama appointed Attorneys General who imposed a racial agenda on the Department of Justice, refusing, among other things, to redress civil rights grievances if they were asserted by whites.” (No link explaining that last bit but why bother; Hinderaker knows his audience!). pandora bracelets

    pandora essence Since the founding of HCHW, Ms. Chuda has become well known in legislative and professional forums on environmental risk reduction and reform. She serves as an associate of the Director Council of Public Representatives of the National Institutes of Health(NIH) and was appointed by Health and Human Services Secretary, Donna Shalala to serve as a member of the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council for the National Institutes of Environmental Health Science(NIEHS). pandora essence

    pandora necklaces Now, when he said he stole them, nobody believed him either” (page 22). Ask your students to locate more examples of irony in the novel. Whenever the story stops the present course and refers to a moment in time from the past, that’s called a flashback pandora necklaces.

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    pandora charms I was just at the Convenient store on Washburn st at about 1:30 pm. Mr Loscombe was there. He was talking to the workers and another gentleman. Shortly after turning on your Bluetooth headset, Windows 7 will detect and pair the Bluetooth headset with Windows and show it in the list of available Bluetooth devices. Once you see the name of your Bluetooth headset on the screen, select it with your mouse and then click the “Next” button. Windows 7 will now ask you for a passkey. pandora charms

    pandora bracelets AbstractObjectives To examine the “Scottish effect” namely, the growing divergence between mortality in Scotland and England that is not explained by national differences in levels of deprivation and, more specifically, to examine the extent to which the Scottish effect is explained by cross national differences in the prevalence of problem drug use.Participants 1033 Scottish drug users recruited to the cohort study in 33 drug treatment facilities across Scotland in 2001 2 [url=]pandora essence[/url] and followed up 33 months later in 2004 5.Results 38 deaths occurred in the cohort, giving a standardised mortality ratio for the cohort of 1244 (95% credible interval 876 to 1678). Only 22 of the 38 deaths in drug users were classified as drug related deaths. From estimates of the size of the problem drug using populations in both England and Scotland, the contribution of deaths in drug users to national death rates can be estimated: the attributable risk fraction for Scotland is 17.3% (12.3% to 22.8%) and that for England is 11.1% (7.8% to 14.8%). pandora bracelets

    pandora jewelry Things like meeting his long dead mother in Lisbon and going for a walk with her. It feels very diaristic and very real. The porousness of that border between what we can prove, what easily accessible, and what takes more face and openness it was really interesting to me, how he handled that. pandora jewelry

    pandora earrings Those whose knowledge of the law is drawn from US courtroom dramas both fictional and real may be surprised to find that juries are not cross examined to assess their suitability. Once selected, jurors are obliged to participate unless they can provide compelling evidence why serving would be inconvenient. Even then, it’s most likely they will only be able to defer their service. pandora earrings

    pandora jewellery Numbers are one of the first things your Spanish students learn. The following interactive classroom activities help your students practice this basic vocabulary, along with pronunciation. Catholicism came from Spain in the late 1500s and while many Filipino Christmas traditions.Eric W pandora jewellery.

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    pandora necklaces Medieval kings and knights used charms with incantations for protection. Charms could also represent family origin, political standing and profession. During the Renaissance as superstitions faded, charms began to lose favor with the more wealthy and educated. pandora necklaces

    pandora bracelets Sorry, but not here. Pandora must pay royalties for every song that it streams. Effectively, the royalties are a scale killer: there’s no cost advantage to Pandora for getting bigger. This included treatments for hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart failure, as well as coronary bypass surgery, coronary angioplasty, and stenting. These changes might be important contributors to the observed reductions in mortality.The contribution of changes in levels of risk factors and the uptake of evidence based treatments to the change in mortality rates from coronary heart disease has been well studied in Western countries, where the decline in mortality started much earlier7 8 9, but has not been analysed in central European populations, particularly in Poland, the largest.We investigated the contribution of changes in risk factors and evidence based treatments to the recent fall in coronary mortality observed in Poland since 1991. Such an analysis is potentially important, both for understanding past trends and also for planning future strategies.MethodsTo explain the changes in cardiovascular mortality in Poland between 1991 and 2005 we used the IMPACT coronary heart disease mortality model. pandora bracelets

    pandora essence Gently use the paperclip to clean out the hole and try the mic again. Make sure you completely power off your iPhone before you do this. Updating the operating system on the iPhone can correct this problem. In the broad group of trials comparing different active agents, we carried out separate overviews for ACE inhibitor based regimens versus conventional treatment (diuretics or blocker based regimens); calcium antagonist based regimens versus conventional treatment; and ACE inhibitor based regimens versus calcium antagonist based regimens.Data synthesis and analysisBlood pressure reductionsThe reduction in blood pressure in each trial arm was calculated as the mean of the difference between each participant’s mean blood pressure during follow up and their blood pressure at baseline. The mean difference in blood pressure between randomised groups was then calculated by subtracting the values for the two arms according to chronic kidney disease [url=]pandora rings[/url] status. All the meta analyses used a two stage approach whereby the risk estimates were first summarised in each trial and then combined.For each trial and each outcome, we estimated the risk estimates separately for each subgroup, according to the intention to treat principle pandora essence.

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    pandora earrings Johnson was the third guy on our line one year. He 84. We still have the record as a line for most goals for minor pro hockey in one season. It is BLANK(range).To use Excel’s BLANK function, start by selecting the cell in which you want the result to appear and go to the Formula Bar. Enter =countblank( and then select the range you want counted. Press Enter and the total number of blank cells will appear in the cell.IFThe IF function in Excel works much like D, only you can apply it to a single column or smaller range of cells than an entire database table. pandora earrings

    pandora jewelry Should this question be asked, I really would like to know why this question should arise. Looking at it most countries in europe and Asia don’t speak English and majority of African countries speak English and are better at it than most European and Asian countries. If I should really comment on this question I think it boils down to the level of education in a particular country. pandora jewelry

    pandora rings For those wanting to pack on quality mass, the most critical window of nutritional opportunity is around the workout. This is when you can put down a plethora of protein and carbs without worrying about them turning into bodyfat since they’ll be used to grow muscle like at no other time of the day. Not only do we recommend the usual pre andpost workout shakes, but we also advise drinking a shake during your workout to gain more mass. pandora rings

    pandora charms First, define “success” as you see it. If being published ranks first, success is right around the corner. This desire becomes a fantasy if making money is the only motivator.. Sometimes adjusting your medication can help with sleep. Your doctor might prescribe a different dose or have you take your medication at a different time. For instance, when Serani started taking Prozac, one of the side effects was insomnia. pandora charms

    pandora essence Asked him to make sure it was alright and his mom, girlfriend, and brother were there, too, Bouma said. Was just good to see them and give support to all of them. We obviously really close, me and Craig. So next time you feeling down about someone comment to you, or a situation that you feel awful, consider that the pain and distress you are feeling is in your hands. And so is the solution. Dr. pandora essence

    pandora jewellery Statistical analyses were done on an intention to treat basis.Results Women randomised to continuous glucose monitoring had lower mean HbA1c levels from 32 to 36 weeks’ gestation compared with women randomised to standard antenatal care: 5.8% (SD 0.6) v 6.4% (SD 0.7). Compared with infants of mothers in the control arm those of mothers in the intervention arm had decreased mean birthweight standard deviation scores (0.9 v 1.6; effect size 0.7 SD, 95% confidence interval 0.0 to 1.3), decreased median customised birthweight centiles (69% v 93%), and a reduced risk of macrosomia (odds ratio 0.36, 95% confidence interval 0.13 to 0.98). Nationwide studies from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Denmark confirm that the risk of delivering a large for gestational age, or macrosomic, infant in women [url=]pandora rings[/url] with type 1 diabetes ranges from 48.8% to 62.5%.1 2 3 Recent data confirm that women with type 2 diabetes have an equally high risk of delivering a macrosomic infant.4 5 For mothers with diabetes, macrosomia leads to increased risk of perineal lacerations, complications in labour, and delivery by caesarean section.6 For the infants the risks of immediate complications are increased, including intracranial haemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, neonatal hypoglycaemia, jaundice, and respiratory distress7 8 as well as the increasingly apparent longer term health risks of insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.9 10Major advances in the management of diabetes during pregnancy over the past 50 years have contributed to dramatic reductions in stillbirths and perinatal mortality but have not had a major impact on birth weight, with the risk of macrosomia persistently increased.11 Prepregnancy care is key to improved glycaemic control during the first two trimesters but does not reduce the risk of macrosomia, which we believe is more strongly associated with hyperglycaemia in later gestation.12 Data from the Netherlands suggest that near optimal glycaemic control during early pregnancy (84% of women had a mean HbA1c level of 7.0% or less) failed to reduce the risk of macrosomia, present in 48.8% infants.1 This prompted us to consider new strategies, focusing on reducing postprandial hyperglycaemic spikes during the second and third trimesters pandora jewellery.

    a closer look at brain function

    pandora bracelets The Local Group is embedded within a much larger group known as the Virgo Supercluster, containing at least 100 galaxy groups and clusters. The rough center of the supercluster is in the constellation Virgo. Which as of right now, is that way, about 65 million light years away. pandora bracelets

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    Demikian dan thanks.

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    apakah saya minta aplikasinya itu web based yg bisa diakses secara online dgn media internet?
    tolong dikirimkan demo aplikasi berikut proposalnya.

    • Betul pak khoirul, web PJTKI kami web based dan bisa diakses secara online. Untuk proposal beserta link demo onlinenya akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk. Terima kasih

    apakah aplikasinya itu web based, bisa diakses secara online dgn media internet?
    tolong dikirimkan demo aplikasi berikut proposalnya.

    • Betul pak kaka, aplikasi kami web based.
      Untuk proposal dan link demo dari aplikasi PJTKI akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, agar bpk bisa coba secara online. Terima kasih

    Saya tertarik dengan produk yang bapak tawarkan. saya minta kirim demo/trial softwarenya dan proposal.thanks

    • Baik pak nurzamain, untuk proposal dari aplikasi PJTKI akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, dan untuk demo dari aplikasi tersebut akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk bisa coba secara online. Terima kasih

    Saya tertarik dengan produk yang bapak tawarkan. saya minta kirim demo/trial softwarenya dan proposal.thanks

    • Baik pak ulich, untuk proposal dan penawarannya akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, dan untuk demo dari aplikasi tersebut akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk bisa coba secara online. Terima kasih

    setelah saya terima email dari bpk, sy sangat tertarik sekali dgn sofwer yg bpk tawarkan, untuk itu sudikiranya sy menjadi marketing bpk, mengingat sya tinggal di lingkungan PJTKI daerah condet jakarta timur dan mengenal banyak BOS pelaku PJTKI ( khususnya wil Condet , harapan sy dapat diterima,salam

    • Baik pak endang untuk permintaan bpk akan segera kami tindak lanjuti, dan untuk pembicaraan lebih lanjut kami akan kirim email ke bpk. Terima Kasih.

    Pak saya tertarik dengan software Bapak.
    Bisa dikirimkan demo dan proposal penawaran ke email kami.
    Terima Kasih

    • Baik pak indra untuk proposal akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, dan untuk demo dari aplikasi tersebut akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk bisa coba secara online. Terima Kasih

    pak tolong kirim softwer nya ke email sy saya tertarik dengan yg bp tawarkan terima kasih

    • Baik pak endang untuk proposal dan penawarannya akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk.
      Terima Kasih

    mohon demo dan proposalnya.thanks

    • Baik pak alifin, untuk proposal akan segera kami submit ke email bpk, dan untuk demo akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk alif bisa coba secara online. Terima Kasih

    bisakah bapak kirimkan proposal dan quotation software PJTKI dan software payroll ke email sy tsb? tolong krm dlm format DOC yah pak.

    • Baik pak boy, untuk proposal PJTKI dan Payroll akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk. Mohon di tunggu pak boy,
      Terima Kasih.

    saya tertarik setelah membaca web ini, apa bisa saya mendapatkan trial atau bisa d coba secara online, thank before

  • mohon proposal dan demonya, terimakasih atas jasa bapak

    • Baik pak husain, untuk proposal dari aplikasi PJTKI akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, dan untuk demo dari aplikasi tersebut akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk husain bisa coba secara online.
      Terima kasih.

  • JIka berkenan saya mohon informasi mengenai software anda dalam bentuk proposal sekalian demonya ke saya. Saya tertarik dengan software tersebut, tapi saya tidak bisa menilai kalau hanya melihat tampilan di atas tanpa ada demo softwarenya, kalo memang kompatible secara online mohon bisa disertakan petunjuk teknisnya. Thx

    • Baik pak firdaus, untuk proposal PJTKI akan segera kami kirim ke email bpk, dan untuk demo dari aplikasi tersebut akan segera kami siapkan agar bpk firdaus bisa coba aplikasi tersebut secara online.
      Terima kasih.

    saya tertarik dengan software PJTKI ini. bisa bapak mengirimkan sortware ini ke saya ?
    terima kasih..

    • Baik Bu Febrina, untuk Proposal akan segera kami kirim ke email Ibu.
      Terima Kasih.

    Saya tidak bisa mencoba secara online, karena attachment yang diberikan hanya dlm format .PDF. Jadi bagaimana saya bisa coba secara online?

    • :-) tentu saja pak hadi, aplikasi yang akan dicoba bersifat online, kami akan informasikan URL yang bisa bapak akses, biasanya seh setelah fase terima proposal ada komunikasi melalui PM (email), kemudian baru kami informasikan URL nya.

    Tolong kirim demonya ke saya. Saya tertarik dengan software tersebut, tapi saya tidak bisa menilai kalau hanya melihat tampilan di atas tanpa ada demo softwarenya.


    • Baik Pak Hadie, kami akan segera kirim Proposal dan Aplikasi PJTKI ke email Bpk, dan kami juga sudah siapkan untuk demonya agar Bpk Hadie bisa coba secara online.

    Mohon dikirim demonya dunk supaya bs saya laporkan ke atasan saya untuk bahan pertimbangan. Terima kasih.

  • Mohon dikirimkan demonya dunk, agar sy bisa mengetahui dan jadi pertimbangan serta untuk saya laporkan ke atasan saya. Terima Kasih

    • Baik Pak Buddy, Kami akan segera kirim Proposal dan Aplikasinya ke Email Bpk.

    Mohon dikirim demo secepatnya, agar sy bisa mengetahui dan jadi pertimbangan. Terima Kasih

    • Iya Pak Razak. Kami akan siapkan, secepatnya kita akan kasih demonya ke tempat Bpk.
      dan kami sudah mengirim Proposal PJTKI ke email Bpk.

    Mohon dikirim demo dan alur kerja, saya coba diskusikan dengan atasan saya. Terima Kasih

    • Baik Pak Anto, kami akan siapkan untuk demonya. dan kami juga akan kirimkan Proposal PJTKI ke email Bpk.

    mohon dikirimkan demonya karena sy berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai software ini.trima kasih

    • baik Bpk arif, Kami akan segera kirim Proposalnya ke Email Bpk.

    Boleh minta demonya pak ? Jadi nanti bisa saya tunjukkan ke bos saya dulu … barangkali dia berminat

    • Kami akan kirim Proposal PJTKI ke Email Bpk. Untuk demonya akan kami siapkan agar Bpk Ardi bisa coba secara Online. mohon di tunggu pak,
      Terima Kasih

    saya juga tertarik pak, mohon di email versi demo nya ya Pak ,biar nanti saya bisa ajukan kepada atasan…

    • Siap Pak Fajar segera kami kirimkan proposal & demonya.

    saya minta di kirimkan demonya pak, terima kasih

    • Siap pak fanny segera kami submit ke email anda

    Bisa ga, saya dikirimkan dahulu versi demo, biar kami mengetahui terlebih dahulu

    • Versi demo akan kita siapkan dan bisa Bapak coba secara online Pak.

    awal yang baik

  • Terimakasih Pak, software dah dipake, sangat membantu karena semua jadi tercatat, akunting nya segera ditunggu

    • Terima kasih atas kerja sama yang baik selama ini pak Endro, untuk aplikasi accounting masih dalam tahap pengerjaan dan akan segera kami kirim secepatnya.

    • Siap bos, pokoknya yagn akunting segera diselesaikan … desember kita install akunting dan website

    Baik Pak, untuk proposal Aplikasi PJTKI akan segera kami submit ke email bapak. Terimakasih.

  • minat nih,bagaimana menghubunginya ,adminnya off

  • Terima Kasih Bapak Roni Nawawi, untuk proposal dan informasi lengkapnya kami submit ke email Bapak, terima kasih.

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